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Archival 11 x 17 Prints

Every Martin Roberts subject is available in our very popular 11 X 17 prints. These are small, fade resistant, archival quality prints which are particularly vibrant and detailed. Actual size of the image size is 7 x 10 1/2.

These prints are gorgeous when hung on a wall as singles, or they are commonly used in a series of two or three placed on horizontal walls in the homes or offices. As with all paper prints, these are framed under glass.

We offer these 11 X 17 prints mated in off-white linen as shown or in a variety of our frames.

Hand Painted Canvas Prints Limited Edition

Every Martin Roberts subject is available in an original hand painted canvas print.

Each piece is hand detailed individually using a combination of oil, acrylic, and watercolors, making each uniquely original. The majority of the surfaces are painted on most, giving the result an ultra violet protected, museum quality piece of art which has all the emotional feel of a fine art painting, combined with the vivid detail of Martin’s remarkable black & white photographs.

These magnificent pieces represent the original hand-work of the artist, available at an affordable price. They are only one step removed from the actual “masters” created in the darkroom on silver gelatin photographic paper, then painted by hand. Cost aside, most collectors prefer these hand painted canvases to the actual photographic masters, because the hand painted paper photographs must be framed under glass to protect them, whereas Giclee canvases have a very even non-glare surface.

Canvas Prints - Wrapped Limited Edition

Every Martin Roberts subject is available in our very popular “top of the line” canvas Giclee prints. These are fade resistant, archival quality prints which are particularly vibrant and detailed.

The advantages of the product are significant. We offer these magnificent prints in a “gallery wrap” style which makes the use of a frame unnecessary because the design of the subject is wrapped over the edge of the interior wooden frame structure making the subject look gorgeous when viewed from all sides as well. They fit flush against the wall and are luxuriously an inch and a half in depth at the sides to the front.

These canvas prints do not use glass, so there no reflections on the wall.

These canvas prints are very popularly priced and prized by collectors from around the world. Although they have no hand-work, many collectors prefer this product to the more formal look of the framed and hand painted canvases, which follow.

These canvas prints are also available framed for clients that prefer a "framed look."

Ceramic Tile Murals

Every art subject is available in custom tile murals which measure 18 X 24 and come with a frame. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor decorative wall applications. They are not susceptible to normal moisture or heat. However, If you are using them in direct sun, need special sizes, or would like custom murals for backsplashes, kitchen and bathroom walls, or shower stalls, please advise for price quotation.

Twelve tiles make up each subject which measures 18 X 24 when mounted on wood panel and framed. You will receive the subjects you order, custom produced for you within 60 days. Many clients use two or three murals in a row for horizontal walls.

Single Ceramic Tile 6 x 8

Bike at a Restaurant

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Bike at a Restaurant