martin roberts artwork

Vespa and Bike Framed

This Fine Art Canvas Print is made from hand-painted black & white photograph originally processed in the darkroom, then finished by artist Martin Roberts.

This light-fast print is resistant to fade or discoloration overtime.

24 x 32
(Outside frame dimensions)

$295.00 $695.00


HAND-PAINTED BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY BEAUTIFULLY REPRODUCED IN COLOR CANVAS PRINTS Martin has one of the largest collections of Mediterranean, Provence, and Tuscany subjects in the marketplace. Martin Roberts work is visually appealing because he is a mixed-media artist. Starting with his original extraordinary black & white photographs which he does in the darkroom, he then paints them with layers of acrylics, watercolors, and oils. The result is exquisite, three dimensional, extremely relaxing, with cascading flowers, foliage and textured walls. He began his artistic career as a boy with a brownie box camera, but today Martin is one of the most collected and "owned" artists in the country. People seen his works in such spectacular settings as the Venetian and Bellagio Resorts or in simple stores of main streets across America.

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